You’ll Still Be a Rat Even If You Win the Rat Race

Rat race

Just like any other child, I was advised by my parents, “Anak mag-aral kang mabuti para may sigurado kang pagkakakitaan” ( Son, Study hard for you to get a good job and income soon). I took their advice seriously and never questioned whether it was all right. I decided to focus on my studies and graduated with a college degree, expecting big money and a better life. Unfortunately, I faced several obstacles that prevented me from achieving my goals.

Firstly, even with my impressive academic credentials, I realized that I was competing with smarter and more experienced individuals who could easily talk their way up the corporate ladder. Despite being a hard worker and loyal to my company as a Financial Advisor for Retail Banking in Abudhabi, it didn’t work in my favor when the recession came in 2009 and I lost a job. The good thing is I found a good offer from a Merchandise and Trading company to support my family’s financial needs.

Secondly, I tried to supplement my income with a part-time job as a Photographer at some corporate events but I only had 24 hours in a day, and the income stopped coming once I stopped working.

Finally, In 2014, I decided to start up a business related to my passion and previously my part-time job in photography. I started from scratch and become a profitable entrepreneur. But soon challenges came due to the huge operating expense of my business, and the unstable economy, especially during the pandemic 2020.

Lastly, although saving money is essential, it has its limitations. Instead of solely relying on savings, it’s better to invest in yourself by acquiring new skills through courses, books, and educational videos, which can increase your income and provide a higher ROI.

Since 2019, I tried Binary trading and basic crypto investment, yet I did not focus on that time since I’m earning already as an entrepreneur. Only during the pandemic, I realized that there is a huge potential for income in Forex and Crypto trading. So I decided To start my trading journey by attending two paid mentorship and considering myself as a real student, back-to-school emotion, and following the guidance of my mentors. After a roller coaster experience of wins and losses as a newbie trader, I found my consistency of winning only after 6months of full-time studying. Profitability came only after a year of experience. Diligence, patience, and discipline are the main key lessons I’ve learned during those days.

Therefore, investing in yourself by acquiring new skills is the best investment you can make today. If you lack skills, acquire them, and if you want to increase your income, you can join any educational workshop to learn how to turn your skills into assets that produce a consistent stream of income and get out of the rat race quickly.

Mastery is not a function of a genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.

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