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Human vs AI-EA Bot

Human vs. AI/EA Trading: A Comparative Analysis of Decision-Making in Financial Markets

Human brain-based trading and AI/EA (Artificial Intelligence/Expert Advisor) bot-based trading are two distinct approaches to financial markets. Here’s a comparison of the two: 1. Decision-Making Process Human Brain: Human traders rely on their cognitive abilities, intuition, experience, and emotions to make trading decisions. They consider market analysis, news, and their […]
Expert Adviser EA Bot

What is Expert Advisor (EA)

The term “Expert Advisor” (EA) is primarily associated with the MetaTrader platform, which is a popular trading platform used by many forex traders and brokers. Expert Advisors are automated trading programs or scripts that are written in the MQL4 or MQL5 programming languages specifically for use on the MetaTrader platform. […]
get rich by trading online

Is It Possible to Get Rich by Trading Online?

Yes, it is possible to get rich by trading online. However, it is important to note that trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires significant knowledge, skill, and discipline. Success in online trading depends on a variety of factors, including a trader’s trading strategy, risk management techniques, and ability […]
technical analysis versus fundamental analysis

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis: Why Technical Analysis Offers Better Short-Term Trading Opportunities

Investors and traders use two primary methods of analysis to evaluate securities: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis involves assessing a company’s financial statements and economic indicators to determine its intrinsic value, while technical analysis involves studying price trends, charts, and other market data to identify patterns and make […]
Inverted Trading Hierarchy

What Really Matters in Trading

In the world of trading, there is a common misconception about the importance of technical analysis, chart patterns, and trading indicators. Many traders believe that these tools are the key to success in the market. However, there is a growing movement that challenges this traditional approach, known as the inverted […]