Basic Trading in Crypto, Forex, and Stocks

Basic Course in Trading Crypto, Forex, and Stocks

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What You Will Learn?

Course - Basic Fundamentals of Trading

Basic background on Crypto, Forex, and Stocks

I’ll fast-track you from zero knowledge to making your first successful trading.

Course - How to read graphs

How to read and analyze graphs

You’ll unlock the power of graphs and make a fortune in trading and investment.

Course - Trading Hold Buy Sell

Learn long and short term positioning

You will learn when to hold, buy, and sell a particular investment.

Course - Personal Mentoring

Learn it all in the comfort of your home

All lessons will be via Zoom and on a personal one-to-one mentoring.

You’ll Learn the Most Effective Trading Strategy

Introducing Asasii Trading Strategy

You will learn my very own Asasii Trading Strategy, along with Smart Money Concept / Inner Circle Trader (ICT) Strategy.

“Asasii” is an Arabic word for basic or fundamental. This strategy focuses on the mastery of basic trading indicators (with a complete confluence approach) and fundamentals of price action. It is a basic to advanced course and you will never be found in any public online tutorials or public YouTube videos.

The benefits of learning Asasii Trading Strategy in your trading include:

  • Increased Confidence

    When multiple indicators confirm a trading signal, it gives you increased confidence in the trade, as it reduces the likelihood of a false signal.

  • Better Risk Management

    It can also help you manage your risk more effectively, as it can help you identify the optimal entry and exit points for a trade.

  • Enhanced Profitability

    It can help you identify high-probability trades that offer a greater potential for profit, as multiple factors align to support your trade.

  • Improved Trading Strategy

    Incorporating Asasii Trading Strategy into your trading activities can help you develop a more comprehensive approach to technical analysis, leading to more consistent and profitable trading results.

Overall, the benefits of the Asasii Trading Strategy in trading are numerous and can help you make more informed and profitable trading decisions.

However, it is important to note that this alone does not guarantee success in trading, as market conditions and other factors can impact trading outcomes. The main key to success is within you with your diligence in studying, patience, and discipline during your trade.

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